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Skintific Retinol Skin Renewal Moisturiser 30g

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Skintific Retinol Skin Renewal Moisturizer 30g

What’s so special about this product? 

It is formulated with lecithin-encapsulated retinol, which is skin-compatible and works through a time-release mechanism. This multi-targeted moisturizer is designed to rejuvenate the skin, fight dullness, and help fade acne blemishes while ensuring the gentleness of retinol. It's also infused with highly beneficial phytol and a blend of ceramides to help maintain the skin's barrier function, unveiling a radiant, plump, and healthy complexion.



  • Smooths skin texture

  • Controls excess oil

  • Soothes acne

  • Skin looks bright & minimizes pore appearance.

How to use:

1. Apply a nickel-sized amount to your face and neck.

2. Massage until fully absorbed.

3. For Optimal results, use AM and PM.

4. For daytime usage, finish with sunscreen.

Hero Ingredients:

  • Lecithin-Encapsulated Retinol: Slow-released retinol, more stable and effective for skin problems

  • Zinc PCA: Controls and balances oil levels in the skin and disguises the appearance of pores

  • Phytol: boost the effectiveness of retinol for smooth and soft skin


Skintific Retinol Skin Renewal Moisturiser 30g
Skintific Retinol Skin Renewal Moisturiser 30g Sale price$32.00