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Fairy Skin Mild Kit (Whitening & Brightening)

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    • If you are a serum lover, a toner and a sunblock enthusiast. This is your chance to get this amazing self-care treat.

      Benefits of using this product:

      It is packed with Niacinamide that effectively brightens & lightens your skin tone while minimizing your pores leaving your skin smooth and bouncy. Lighten up the blemishes and moisturize the skin to get the glow you deserve.

    1. Water Essence Toner

      1. Cleanse your face with soap. Preferably, use Fairy Derma Soap.

      2. Then, using cotton balls, gently sweep toner across your face to get rid of any impurities that might still remain.

      3. Moreover, use it in the morning and night to prep your complexion for your skincare routine.

    2. Glow Booster Serum

      1.  Pat an ample amount of the serum onto your skin.

      2. Then, let it dry thoroughly to fully absorb into your skin.

      3. You can use it once or twice a day. Right after the toner or after showering.

    3. Sunblock Cream Gel

      1. Apply Sunblock Cream Gel liberally and evenly all over the face and neck. 30 minutes before sun exposure.
      2. Re-apply as needed. Nevertheless, renew every two hours while you are under the sun.
  • Disclaimer for skincare products: We recommend that you read the labels, warnings, and directions of all products before use. Please review the ingredients list and patch test before the full application. Individual results may vary.

    If use causes an adverse skin reaction, discontinue use immediately, and see your doctor or pharmacist if no relief comes from rinsing the affected area with cool water. 
Fairy Skin Mild Kit (Whitening & Brightening)
Fairy Skin Mild Kit (Whitening & Brightening) Sale price$20.00 Regular price$24.00