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Softie Angled Blendee by Anne Clutz

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  • The Softie Angled Blendee is best for contouring and setting your face with powder. It's angled and tapered shape works well with applying your concealer. Perfect for beginners! It does not absorb a ton of liquid products upon application.

  • [WET]- Place blendee under running water, Squeeze it dry. Best used for liquid and cream applications.
    [DRY]- Use as is. Best used for powder make up products.

  • Step 1: Soak Blendee with water. Let it fully absorb water to clean the inner parts as well.
    Step 2: Use your favorite soap or use it with our Makeup Brush Cleaner to fully preserve it's texture. Lather on the soap in a circular motion and squeeze gradually to remove excess soap.
    Step 3: Gently squeeze and rinse with water.
    Step 4: Airdry in a well ventilated area.